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About TeamJBars

Are you tired of closed air-conditioned gyms with loud overbearing music thumping into your delicate ears as you try to have a good workout? Team JBars is the exact thing you need as against these obnoxious indispensables of gym workouts. Founded by Govind Kamat, Team JBarsis an allied class for fitness, with Calisthenics mainly dominating the backdrop. These energy-infusing sessions are conducted in an open air environment amidst the very lungs of Pune, that is, the lush green hills or Tekdis which also have ample fauna coupled with fresh air.

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True to its name, it has a couple of parallel double bars and pull-up bars, which is all you actually need, along with the right set of exercises. These sets involve running, sprinting, push-ups, pull-ups, planks, battle ropes, crunches, mountain climbers, burpees and myriad exercises that you previously may never have even heard of! The point is to make you push out your bodily toxins by sweating; improve your muscle strength and memory with a very focused approach of tracking your improvement.


Team J Bars challenges the mundane techniques of weight and fat loss through its unique yet definite ways. While most of the commercial gyms lure you with their expensive body-building packages, this open air independent workout system conducted in an urban jungle concentrate on extensive strength and core building.

‘Fat loss is just a small part of getting fit’, says Govind.


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The best part is, that you can also do these exercises at home with Govind charting out your workout schedule, encouraging you at every step. All you need to do is to have a will and an open mind and be ready for your transformation for your mental, physical and emotional betterment as you are introduced and eventually become an integral part of a greater fitness community that not only shares their own challenges and fears, but also helps you overcome yours.

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